We welcome everyone at our event – whether you are into running or just want to be part of the experience. If you know how to have a great time and want to mix fun & fitness (of any level) then yes, this is the event for you.
You will find multiple party zones with live DJ’s, Dancers, Lightshows, Selfie-Stations and Glow Gear giveaways! We encourage you to dance and party as long as you like at each course stage. If you’re looking to set your 5km personal record – this might not be the run for you! Be prepared for multiple terrains – our course may go on dirt, grass, cement, asphalt and more! The entire race will take place on the grounds of the venue.
Night Nation Run is proud to have Pink Drive as the official Night Nation charity. Grab your gear and join the Night Nation’s movement to support Pink Drive the indispensable, tangible breast cancer Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) powering South Africa´s first mobile Pink Drive Mammography Unit and Pink Drive Educational Unit through our country by purchasing a Co-Branded NNR/Pink Drive item – available at our Night Nation Store!
Visit the event page for the city closest to you (www.nightnationrun.co.za – choose locations) we have all the details listed out there (once they are available). Also, watch your e-mail, we send details 2 weeks, 1 week and 1 day before.
Got a friend that’s going to pick up your race pack for you? Awesome! Make sure they have a copy of your ID and a signed waiver form (A photo on their phone of your ID is fine! waiver is available here for download)
Since so much of our event is beyond the running we have just one price for everyone (in other words, you are not required to run to enjoy our event!). We don’t have a separate rate for spectators since even spectators get in on the action! Everyone at the event needs to be a paid participant with a signed waiver.
After you cross the finish line the real party begins! On the main stage multiple DJ’s will bring the house down. Dance the night away as lights, fog, cryo, confetti guns and giveaways rain down on you! Yes, there will be food and alcohol for sale in the festival area.
We’ll be using positive thoughts to keep bad weather away, but if it happens just know we’ll be hosting the event – rain or shine, safety first of course, but rain or shine!
We love animals! However, they aren’t allowed at our event, you’ll just have to show them your pictures. Except of course registered service animals are always welcome.
Nope! You’ll see we have runners, walkers, skippers and dancers – everyone enjoys the course in their own way.
All you have to do is listen to our MC, he’ll let you know when it’s time to head to the startline – once he says “go” you’ll move with your friends (old and new) to the startline – whomever you are standing with, is who you are running with! There are no assigned groups. Waves are released every two minutes until all participants are on course!
Absolutely! You can totally deck yourself out in glow gear – but make sure you stop by our Night Nation Store, we probably have exactly what you need to complete your outfit.
Our policy is nothing bigger than a drawstring bag is permitted at the event. You will pass through a security checkpoint / bag check to enter – so save yourself time and leave anything big in the car!
Nope!  All ages welcome.  Please note that alcohol is sold at our events within designated bar areas.
Respect above all else. We are YES people, we’ll do what we can to ensure a great night as long as you do the same and treat all our: entertainers, participants, venue, staff, volunteers and new friends with respect. If you are legally allowed you may consume alcohol purchased at our event, if you choose to do so to excess, you will be asked to leave. On that note, we are a drug free zone – we use a zero tolerance approach – no questions, no arguments, you will be escorted out.
Email: info@nightnationrun.co.za.  Our customer service team will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you are attending our event within 48-hours, please know that we can solve everything at the event – head on over and we’ll get it taken care of in person!